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It seems mad that we’ve not had the Casino Times boys in the mix series before now?! We’ve been kicking about London with these two for years and somehow timings never really lined up until recently. We’ve always loved Joe and Nick’s taste in music that always searches for something off the beaten path… something special that you wouldn’t expect or be instantly able to categorise.

Finally in this fucked up year we managed to get the boys involved in some exclusive SB business… Their track Bones will be coming out next month on our Dancing With Friends album and its a beautiful pulsing hypnotic track that takes you on a swirling late night trip.

Now onto a really special mix that they’ve put together for us… we love these super crafted mixes and its one of those ones that you’re going to have to come back to again and again for its diversity and flow. Its the weekend people! Lets goooooo!

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