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Originally hailing from NYC but raised in Madrid, Spain where he is now based, Oli Stewart aka Casbah 73 spent the better part of the nineties scouring the US for vinyl, leaving no warehouse intact in his quest for the rare and the downright elusive. His knack for discovering, or bringing to light many an unknown classic, meant his reputation with DJs and producers around the globe was legendary.

“Like many, this enforced absence from dancefloors, from dancing, is something I missed so much this past year, a reality I really couldn’t ignore when approaching this mix. It’s been a time for taking stock, appreciating what we love, and seeing things from a new perspective.

In light of this, I decided the best thing to do was to simply tear things up, start at the beginning, approach the mix with a totally fresh mindset. Out with old habits and concepts! Shake it all up and see what drops out of the tree. So with this in mind, I fired up the equipment, hit play on the turntables and this, as they say, is what happened next. The result? From Disco to Detroit and back again. The old, the new, with particular emphasis on raw, loose sounds.

I hope you enjoy it and, more importantly, I hope we all get to see each other on a dancefloor somewhere soon!”

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