200 Joyce Muniz

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So here we have it… number 200 in our guestmix series… seems kinda nuts…
To mark the occasion, we felt it was necessary to get somebody to contribute with the sort of diversity we’ve always tried to champion.

Step forward Joyce Muniz…

Born in Brazil and moving to Vienna in the mid-90s to her pursue her musical dreams, she started out mixing drum & bass and breaks, and soon landed a residency at the legendary Flex Club. This regular slot pushed her to develop into playing a more eclectic multitude of styles, from house and techno to dub. It was here that her ‘sound’ began to form, drawing on a wide range of influences and styles and filtering them into a dance floor context. Amassing a huge vinyl collection and a deep knowledge of electronic music along the way, she laid her strong foundations in these formative years.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the series so far, it’s a stupendous catalog of talent looking back. Here’s to the next 200…

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