067 SlothBoogie

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Your weekly dose of SlothBoogie Radioshow bangers courtesy of Conor!


Para One – Virtual Satori [WRWTFWW]
Moomin – For Willow [Oathcreations]
Ron Basejam – They Speak Colour [RON’S REWORKS]
Delfonic & Kapote – Yam Sallam [Toy Tonics]
Joe Cleen – Conga [SlothBoogie]
Sentimental Animals – Track 3 [Sentimental Animals]
Soulphiction – All Lights Go Off [Philpot]
Sofia Kourtesis – By Your Side [Technicolour]
Athlete Whippet – Fanfa [Toy Tonics]
Detroit’s Filthiest – Horizontal Bop [House Of Underground]
Fjeldheim – So And Such [Full Pupp]
Moonee – Faith & Sorrow [Groovence]
Retromigation – Metro Blonde [Ravanelli Disco Club]
Lsdxoxo – Mutant Exotic [XL]
Carlo – Agua [PURISM]

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