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Another edition of the radio show (The big 4-0 no less) which means is must be halfway to the weekend… or halfway to nowhere as it may seem. But all the more reason to revel in a plethora of brand new music… big up the artists and labels for sharing their music.


SG Lewis – Feed The Fire [(Kassian Remix) [PMR]
China Charmeleon – I Want My Soul (Tribute to George Floyd) [Stay True Sounds]
Scharbatke – New York [So Glad records]
Celebrity BBQ Sauce Band – Formula Of Passion [Mahogany]
Ouvrijster – 27 [S3A]
Intr0beatz – Solids [Kooley High]
Gerd Janson and Jacques Renault – Movin’ Kinda Screwy (Gerd Tool 3) [LPH]
Space Ghost – Time To Dance (Together Mix) [Tartelet]
David Silver – T-Shirt feat. Demetrius (Original Mix) [Sisyphon]
LDLDN – 0171 [Natural Frequency]
Apparel Wax – 008A1 [Apparel Music]
Rawdio – Ascension [Feedasoul]
Gabriels – Love and Hate in a Different Time (Makèz Empty Dancefloor Edit) [Unreleased]
2XM – Spaces Between – [Eton Messy]
Continental – Whispers [RDV]
Morgan Wright – M3, A Lit Cigarette And You [Pelvis]
Dj City – Your Love [Public Possession]
HATT.D – Untitled 31 [GLBDOM]
Myles Hunt – Malaji [Fantastic Voyage]
Vitess / Vytamin – Bo-Polar [UTTU]
DJ Chupacabra – Chandone [Haws]
The Moon & The Stars (Mr Fingers) – Can You Feel It

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