030 SlothBoogie

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Welcome to another episode of the SlothBoogie Radioshow and Pat’s got you covered with an All You Can Eat Buffet of Deepness™.

Fill up on an hour of the latest releases and forthcoming goodies from across the interwebs.


Ben & Dillan – Bipedal Bears [waterworks]
Jesper Ryom – Nights [Delicieuse musique]
Petals In Sound – Buoyancy (Bruise Remix) [Boyanza Records]
Osinscky – Imgonnagetcha [Everybody In Records]
M4A4 – Import [Running Out Of Steam]
Evenn – Brooklyn Rules [GLBDOM]
Meda – For Love (Art of Tones Classic dub) [Badam]
A Bunch of Guys – Filthy Rhodes [Dirt Crew]
Ruff Stuff – Metro Alchemy [Rough Recordings]
Steve Bug – Coconut Paradise [Poker Flat]
Jad & The – Outer Planet [Haws]
Lazare Hoche & Malin Génie – Formes

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