284 Dicky Trisco

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We’re pleased to welcome to the series this week, a true legend of the scene, and a personal hero of ours… Mr Dicky Trisco!

“This mix was recorded one night in my basement studio using 2 Pioneer CDJ 2000s, a Pioneer 800 feeding direct into an old Yamaha CD recorder I’ve had forever, a few cold beers and a couple of Don Julio Terquila shots. I prefer to record them that way with no computer involved as the vibe and sound always feels better to me.

I love that blend of raw House and Disco that defines the SlothBoogie sound. So I grabbed a load of stuff I love old and new with that feel and banged it into a folder. I always had in the back of my mind as a guide to get to that Joe Cleen cut Give You All I Got which was a big tune for me at gigs around the world before the pandemic cancelled the social life. And it also featured a lot during my lockdown basement live jams.

The rest was just a matter of going with the flow which I believe is always the best way to travel.

Hope you all enjoy the music x”

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