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After more than two decades of solid work, Ka§par’s art is still growing and evolving. He creates a highly personalised sound universe that manages to display diversity whilst retaining a unique sense of coherence – something only accessible to those who spend decades learning about the music they love. His new album “Gestures of Release” is nothing short of a clear statement to support this assertion.

The new album proposes 10 tracks that reflect many of the producer’s most treasured aesthetics. There’s the deeper abstract jazz-house of “Rectify” and “Miles Away”, the discoid funk of “Head Down” and “Feelin’ Something”, but also the dreamy downtempo and dub of “Suave” and “Maritime Myriad”. There is also, of course, plenty of irresistible bumping dance floor action of classic inspiration with tracks like “Gestures Of Release”, “Clone Forge”, “Time Apart” and “Membrana”.

Almost entirely produced, mixed and even mastered by the artist, this LP will be released on both digital and vinyl format. The latter will feature 6 of the 10 tracks on a great sounding 12”, with a high quality full coloured print and a digital download code offering, to be collected on the label’s web page.

“Gestures Of Release” will be out on Kaspar’s Percebes Musica in April 2021.

Artist: @kaspar

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