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Another personal hero steps up to the platters that matter this week … please welcome James Curd into the SB guest mix fray.

At nineteen Curd released his first track on the globally respected label “Basenotic” out of Paris. From there Curd created “Greenskeepers”, a name to represent himself and the wide range of music he wrote and the artists he collaborated with. As “Greenskeepers” Curd released an array of music on Classic records. He made his mark on the dance music world by infusing swing music and Chicago house to invent the term G-Swing, being short for Greenskeepers Swing. Curd focused on G-Swing and started a label by that same name to feature this unique sound. Around this same time Curd also owned and operated two other record labels “Igloo” and “Greenskeepers Music”. It’s from this period that James cemented a corner in our hearts.
In the intervening period, James has continued to evolve, releasing on the likes of DFA, Gomma, Permanent Vacation, OM, and Defected to name but a few, and he recently returned to Marcel Vogul’s Lumber Jacks in Hell imprint with his track ‘Let’s Get Get Get it’… and it was from there we were reminded… to get get get him in for a mix.

Welcome to the weekend, everyone.

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