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*Cue Darts commentator style 180!*
Sliding into the weekend with this bumper mix from Phonk D, here is a bit of info if you ain’t all up in that knowledge about the Disco Don…
In the early 90s electronic music grabbed hold of Phonk D. After many nights at clubs in Frankfurt, hundreds of kilograms of collected vinyls, countless DJ-gigs and a remarkable journey into Hip Hop as a producer, the Darmstadt resident founded his label Footjob in 2014. The Footjob sound is somewhere between deep, disco and classic house and finds the approval of well-known scene-heads. Following various releases on Footjob, Phonk D also appears on labels like Salsoul, Glitterbox, Nite Grooves, NDYD, Poetry in Motion, Sucio and EFTCM. With his event series “Diggin’ In The Crates“ at the Darmstadt-based Weststadt café he follows his passion for pushing tunes appealing to him since he took his first steps into the world of music.

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