176 Eluize

Guest Mix Info

This week we welcome Berlin based Aussie, Eluize into the mix. Playing alongside her last year at Hallo Montag we were taken in by the beauty and subtlety of her track selection, and at that point knew we needed to get her involved.

Her debut LP on Craigie Knowes is a beautiful 7 track journey through voice and sound. A unique blend of Eluize’s voice, drum machines and synthesis have built an album that flows between dancefloor hypnotics and melodies that throw you out to drift in a lonely cosmic ocean, and a lot of that expression is captured here in her mix.


Nyma – Body Worx
Ca$hminus – 生命还存在意义吗?(Cornelius Doctor Blackmarket Remix) – Cashminus
Fede Lng – Looking From Above – Axe on Wax
Oussama K – Two Thousand Years Later – That Place
Low Tape – Easy Life – Of Paradise
Eluize – Still – Craigie Knowes
Xanga – This Is The Way It Starts (Henri Le Blanc Remix) – Taxx
Legowelt – Golem Memory Bank – Clone
ATTRAKTTA – Stay Frosty – FILM
Doppelate – Four Feet Up The Stairs – Slam City Jams
Wamdue Kids – These Branching Moments – Peacefrog
Uabos – Karmic Souls – Bordello A Parigi
Tempelhof, Gigi Masin, Jex Opolis – Corner Song (Jex Opolis Remix) – Tsuki

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